Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rainy Day

We have a solid, rainy day in Anchorage.  Most of the time we get sprinkles or the occasional shower.  Today it is raining...the kind that accumulates and is measurable.

What to do, what to do?

Read a book...



Oh wait...must do laundry.  And when did the kitchen disaster happen?  The paper must be multiplying behind my back on my office desk.  Prep for fishing this weekend.  Company coming Monday...get house in order. 

At least it's a rainy day for the inside work!!! I would hate to waste a sunny day on this.

I'll start with another cup of coffee...

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Family soon to be here!

 I love it when family / friends come to visit.  We have one more excuse to spend time out and about in paradise (even if it may be cool and/or rainy) doing things we may have done once or twice before!  If all goes well, I see a trip to the reindeer farm, Alaska wildlife conservation center, Resurrection bay cruise, hiking, Girdwood and sleeping in when everyone else goes king salmon fishing!  :D

And as a bonus, I cook things we may or may not have on a regular basis.  I love to cook and when it is just the two of us, we tend to get in a rut.  This way, I may still cook comfort food BUT it tends to be things we don't normally eat such as kolaches, cookies, homemade pasta, breakfast casseroles, salmon dip, Kenai cheese dip...We run the gamut around here from seafood at least one night..salmon, halibut and king crab to burgers.    The down side of not cooking these things very often is sometimes it is a relearning curve and things don't come out very pretty.  That's why I don't have a restaurant.  (Well - along with the whole interfacing a LOT with the public.)

Yeti, my sous chef, has been a big help stocking the freezer so far.  For example, he sat at my feet for hours yesterday as I made cookies.  I had no idea I spilled a bit of cocoa on the floor until I was finished and noticed he had a brown spot on his back.  At least he didn't find it and lick it up...

Hopefully we will get out of this chilly weather and have some sunny, 60+ degree evenings to sit on the deck and discuss world problems.  But even if it doesn't hit 60, we still have blankets and a deck heater.  :)

Friday, May 05, 2017

Everyone is ready to work!

As a retired couple who spent entirely too much on a tight schedule and attending meetings during our working career, I am very diligent about scheduling NO MORE than TWO things in any given week.  Some weeks stretch into THREE things which seriously cuts into puttering around time.

But now Spring has arrived and EVERYONE in Anchorage is ready to work and play...

Monday - Party Bridge - OK - this has nothing to do with spring and is entirely for fun...
Tuesday - Carpet cleaning estimate appointment, lunch with friends, evening with friends (ALWAYS willing to meet with friends!!!)...
Wednesday - Cleaning day and paperwork (it never goes away), weight lifting, dinner out...
Thursday - Fireplace Insert, Paving estimate, Deck work, grocery shopping, sweeping gravel off drive (super fun!)...
Friday - Financial Planning, roofing greenhouse, sweeping gravel off of drive (long drive)...
Saturday - weight lifting, Fund raising lunch...

I don't know I honestly can handle this breakneck schedule :P

AND to top it off...when we went to dinner Wednesday at a local brewpub, we forgot the military exercises were going on which brings an additional 6000 or so people to the area.  While I love watching the jets fly overhead and have the utmost respect for our military, the pub was out of several flavors of beer.  Poor planing on not only OUR part but the BREWERY'S part.  But not to be unexpected !?!.  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 21, 2017

And Yet Another Sign of Spring...

We just completed our first (of many to come) 2017 trip to the nursery and bought 2 flats of flowers.  They will stay in the temporary greenhouse until it is warm enough for them to migrate outside. 

I love the nursery.  SO many plants representing infinite possibilities for gorgeous summer flower baskets.  I can't wait to go back and pick out new hanging baskets...and more flowers...and maybe some veggies...and a few kitchen utensils I decide I can't live without.  :P

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


When the snow melts and the ground warms up and everything is the same color of grey...including the usually white dog. :(

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Spring is SO here...

We had coffee on the deck this morning.  Granted, it was 40F with a bit of wind and I was wrapped in a blanket but it doesn't matter.  The sun is shining making it possible to ignore the few snow flurries in the air from the really dark cloud south of town.

The other telltale sign guaranteeing spring is here - Yeti doesn't want to stay outside on the deck because it is too hot in the sun.  He really doesn't like the sun on him.  He prefers clouds and snow.
I don't know how he would survive in Kansas where he was born.

We have a snowshoe hare living in our backyard.  It has been out every morning this week.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I hope I can get a picture of it next Sunday (Easter).  We would then have proof the Easter bunny lives and visits on Easter!!

Good Sunday to you!!

Saturday, April 01, 2017

April Fool's Day

I like to stay in on April Fool's Day...you never know what is going to be a joke or reality. 

For example, we are currently in break-up and the roads are slushy, icy, mushy and messy.  Slower than normal speeds are almost required to avoid accidents.While driving to town this morning, some loser turned left in front of me and I had to step heavily on my brakes.  No accident occurred but I was saying...are you joking??? 

We did get another foot of snow this week.  Yeti loves it.  I have never had a dog dive in snow piles like he does.  It's nothing for him to come inside with his face completely covered to where he can barely see anything. 

 Happy April Fool's and be careful out there!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I Love Alaskans!

We went out for breakfast this morning. As mentioned before, the weather is turning and Spring is in the air.  That being said, it was 11F in the parking lot.  Sunny but still chilly.

Nine out of 10 people at the restaurant were in sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts or t-shirts - no jackets.  There wasn't a winter coat to be seen.  Obviously, Spring has arrived whether the temps are cooperating or not!

And yes...I was one of the 9 people with out a winter coat on.  :P

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

We don't own a dog...we own a mountain goat!

We received 70+ inches of snow this year so far and because Yeti is approximately 18" tall, I shovel a path around the backyard for him.

 He loves to run around (zoomie) the track and jump up on top of the piles...until he finds a soft one and he fall through up to his belly.  Then it is struggle, struggle, struggle to get back to hard pack and start over.  It will be interesting the first time he goes over the fence and into the deep snow and can't get back.

He often takes a toy out with him.  Of course something else always catches his attention and his toy is left outside.  That's generally OK until he remembers it at 3 AM and feels the need to go rescue it. 

When it is really cold (9F or below), we usually put booties on him.  While not his favorite thing, he puts up with it now.  And whether or not he appreciates it, he doesn't get stuck with snow between his toes trying to hold up all four feet at the same time....

With the warm days and bright sun,we now have a glacier.  He has figured out not to jump off of the top step or he falls on his butt.  This too shall pass...soon...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Library clean up

We have a lot of books. 

A lot of books we will never read again...such as Calculus and Managing Upward.

After YEARS of carting around the books, we are cleaning things out.  If feels good although, no one wants books anymore.  None of the local charities, libraries or schools are interested. Apparently everyone already got rid of a lot of their books and we are behind the times.

At least we have a recycling program we can participate in.  It does make me nauseous to toss books out that way.

But at least we can now put a bed in the library so guests don't have to sleep on the air mattress!

I guess I should say we have less books now...

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring!

(Please...in your mind think of trumpets blaring, announcing the coming of a royalty,,,)

Anchorage is supposed to have daytime high temperatures above freezing for the next 15 days,

Get ready for break up!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Back to writing?

I sometimes have odd thoughts to share that may or may not be appropriate for FB.  But then...what is appropriate for FB?  Actually, I'm somewhat timed of  FB.  Too many ads and sometimes quite a bit of drama.

Oh wait...this wasn't supposed to be about FB...

Have you ever had the opportunity to lift weights with a dog?  It is always nice to have someone work out with you even if that someone is rather furry and short.  It can also be an additional challenge when said dog decides to sit on your hair while trying to do sit ups.  The first one is always a shock if you don't realize he's there.

Changing the bed sheets is now a form of aerobic exercise too.  How fast can I get the fitted sheet on before Yeti jumps up and dances around.  Of course, he's too fast and I can't catch him to get him off the bed.  And on the off chance I do catch him, he gets all pouty when he is banished from the bedroom until the work is done.

Anyway...I think I'll start writing again...maybe.. :)

Friday, April 01, 2016

New Discoveries...

You have to wonder what puppies think about...how their minds work. 

Yeti has lived with us for almost 5 months and just this last weekend he discovered toilet paper.

Toilet paper is not new to the house.  It has been here, in 3 different bathrooms, the entire time he has. 

So....what finally possessed him to grab it and run???

Of course to him, the follow up game of chase when Daddy just got out of the shower was the best part.  :P

It was so much fun, he had to try it with Mommy!

Hopefully we have that nipped.  Now we just need to work on staying out of the dirty clothes hamper since he discovered he is taller than it and socks are the BEST TOY EVER...

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Our Baby is Growing Up

This was a big week in Yeti's life!  Several significant events happened.

First and foremost, Tuesday, Yeti graduated and received his diploma from Puppy 1 class.  He learned everything he was supposed to and was able to perform at the class.  Now it's up to Mom and Dad to make sure he keeps up and progresses further!

Then on Thursday while running loose in the front yard, he hiked his leg and marked his fence for the first time.  THAT will show Tia the Lab next time she pops over to visit.  I just wonder what dog showed him it was OK to hike vs squat??? 

Finally, he capped the week by sniffing around in the garage and triggered a set mouse trap.  He had been told "no" several times and just like a toddler, went ahead and messed with it anyway.  Don't worry though!  He was not hurt - it just scared him!!  Maybe now he will leave them alone!!

Hard to believe he is growing so fast!  Soon to be six months old!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Gears are Turning...

We just sat down to dinner last night when we heard thump thump overhead. 

Hum...Yeti is obviously upstairs.  Wonder what he went up there for?

I went to the stairs and called him to come down and he came running and stayed with us the rest of the evening.

Then when I went upstairs for bed, I discovered what he had been after...

One of my teddy bear slippers was out of the closet and in the middle of the bedroom. 

Now, what made him remember those all of a sudden?  He doesn't play with them normally. 

Interesting how their little minds work!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Yeti at Puppy School

With Tommy John the pig...

They get along just fine...TJ can sit, spin and squeal REALLY loudly!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Tyical Day...

6:00am - What is pouncing on my head...oh yes...Yeti has to go out...NOW

8:30am - Yeti is ready to get up and play!

8:45am - Outside again...wish the coffee was ready!

9:00am - Cook breakfast...Yeti wants to play.

9:15am - Playing with Yeti.

9:30am - Eat breakfast.

9:40am - Playing with Yeti.

11:00am - Yeti wants outside!
11:10am - Yeti is down for a nap. Quick unload dishwasher, load dishwasher, get a load of laundry going, straighten up, pay one bill.

11:35am - Yeti is ready to play...again!

2:00pm - Yeti is out for a nap...move laundry to dryer, set something out for dinner, make grocery list.

2:30pm - Time to go outside and play with Yeti and feed the birds.

2:45pm - Playing with Yeti inside.

5:00pm - Start dinner and take Yeti outside.

5:30pm - Yeti is napping - time for the news.

6:30pm - Let's watch a movie...Yeti is ready to play

7:45pm - Yeti needs to go out.

9:00pm - Oh look - Yeti needs to go out.

10:15pm - Better take Yeti out one more time...

11:45pm - Yeti needs a drink of water.

Midnight - Everyone to sleep!!!

While I don't accomplish much these days, I wouldn't change it for a minute!!  :)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Big Coulpe of Days!

I went to the vet Monday and got my latest shot.  The sneaky vet put a treat on the table while she gave me the shot and I never knew it happened.  I also gained almost 2 pounds in 2 weeks.  I am definitely growing!

Let's see...I discovered I could go up and down the deck stairs outside.  This way I never go to the right door for Mommy and Daddy when it is time to go in...

I jumped up on a Christmas package and got another ornament off of the tree.  For my safety, Mommy redecorated today and now the lower third of the 9.5 ft tree has no ornaments.  It looks kind of odd...

Daddy taught me to go up the big staircase to the second story and now they can't ever find me.  Well until they put up the gate today.  I taught myself how to go down the stairs.  I'm still a little scared going down but I can do it!

I also discovered the upstairs guest bathroom has one of those fun rugs I like to drag around.  I think that's part of the reason the gate blocks the stairs now...

I discovered I like Chex Mix when Daddy dropped a bunch on the floor.  I helped clean it up...

They never know what I am going to do next!!! :)